Historical Record of the 2nd (now 80th), Or: Royal Tryron Fusilier Regiment of Militia, from the Embodiment in 1793 to the Present Time

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A. Scarlett, 1872 - Tyrone (Ireland) - 102 pages

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Page 82 - I cannot conclude this letter without expressing through you the satisfaction I feel in having the honour of signing, 'on the present occasion, Her Majesty's gracious approbation of the services of the Officers and Men belonging to the Regiment under your command. Signed
Page 72 - ... submit to Parliament a bill for effecting some reduction in that branch of the public expenditure. " According to the proposed measure, the future establishment, retained on permanent pay at head-quarters, will be, for each corps...
Page 1 - June next at five o'clock in the afternoon, to answer to such matters of misdemeanour, as on his Majesty's behalf shall then and there be objected against him ; and you are hereby required to summon the said William Lord Archbishop of Canterbury to appear accordingly : and for so doing this shall be your warrant.
Page 17 - ... and collisions between the royalists and rebels. In the vicinity of the latter village, a small party of the Tyrone militia dispersed a body of insurgents. The affair would have been too trifling to warrant record, had it not furnished an example of Amazonian courage and military gallantry : — " Lieutenant Eadie placed his men behind a low wall, and when the savages came within thirty yards, gave them a volley which killed many of them, and they fled, leaving their prisoners behind them. They...
Page 43 - I do hereby declare this to be my speciGcation of the same, and that I do verily believe this my said specification doth comply in all respects, fully and without...
Page 97 - That your twof printed sermons, referred to by the impeachment of the House of Commons, shall be Burnt before the Royal- Exchange in London, between the hours of One and Two of the Clock, on the...
Page 29 - The regiment being now complete with ones, tb» officers in examining their companies at morning and evening parades were to give the greatest attention possible to the manner in which the men dressed their hair, and to punish every neglect. The men were to be as well powdered at every evening parade as at the morning. The officers are to take particular care that their coel were not too far from the head, and that the whole are tied at the same distance, and that the cues are at aD times well polished.
Page 13 - ... officer may indeed save his own character from reprehension but, as the returns of officers present with the regiment on the 1st and 14th of the month were intended to ensure his continuance at quarters all the intermediate time, being present merely on those two days is a palpable evasion of the order. Even the bravery of the soldier, unless amenable to orders and on every occasion under control, is more likely to turn to his own disadvantage than the public good...
Page 41 - HOBART." [Enclosure.] THE LONDON GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY. (Published by Authority) " Monday, March 29, 1802. " Downing Street, March 29, 1802. " Mr. Moore, assistant-secretary to Marquess Cornwallis, arrived this morning at nine o'clock with the definitive treaty of peace, which was signed at Amiens at four o'clock, in the afternoon of the 27th inst. by the plenipotentiary of his Majesty, and by the plenipotentiaries of France, Spain, and the Batavian Republic.
Page 3 - ... particularly careful on this point, and the old sergeants very particular to instruct their men.** Feb. 3, 1794 :— " A greater attention must be paid to the tying and powdering of the men's hair. The powder must be better mixed in the hair, and the mark of the teeth of the comb appear on the back of the head, and on the club, by drawing the comb downwards on the hair. Great attention must be paid not to have the powder laid on in clota.

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