Theory of the earth: with proofs and illustrations, Volume 1

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Geological society, 1899 - Earth - 278 pages
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Page 18 - though stretching east and west as usual, are reclined in the opposite direction to that in which they are found upon the south side of the mountain ; so that, as far as we may judge from this appearance, we ought to conclude that on the north, as well as on the south, side of this mountainous ridge the alpine strata
Page 257 - Some account of the Strata and Volcanic Appearances in the north of Ireland and Western Islands of Scotland. In two Letters from Abraham Mills, Esq., to John Lloyd, Esq., FRS
Page 105 - au premier, quoiqu'un peu moins " biens caractérisé, encaissé dans des " couches qui n'étoient plus un granit "veiné, mais un roc blanc, quartzeux, " feuilleté ; la direction et la situation tant " du granit que des roches feuilletées " étoient parfaitement conformes à celles des " précédentes. Au-dessous de ce second " banc, j'en trouvai un troisième, et d'autres " successivement, jusques aux couches
Page 237 - 8.—Section of unconformable superposition of Upper Old Red Sandstone b upon schists a, Shore, east of Loch Ranza, Arran. 'bodies rise to meet each other; they are somewhat confused at the immediate junction ; but some of the sandstone or calcareous strata overlap the ends of the alpine schistus. The drawing which I took in my memorandumbook upon the spot, is seen in
Page 111 - Tapie, situé dans un fond extrêmement " sauvage, au pied du glacier des Nantillons, " et entouré de toutes parts de débris de " rocher, chariés par ce glacier. " À un bon quart de lieue au-dessus de ce " chalet, je passai auprès d'un petit lac assez " profond, nommé Lac du Plan de l'aiguille. " Ses eaux, quoique parfaitement pures
Page 91 - became the last study of one eminent geologist, as they were the last work of another.
Page 220 - in this dreary glen is to be found a charming picture of nature in decay, or of lofty mountains going into ruin, apparently without a purpose.*
Page xvi - of Science. ARCH. GEIKIE. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OFFICE, JERMYN STREET, LONDON. 17th February, 1899. CHAPTER IV. Observations made in a Journey to the North Alpine part of Scotland in the Year 1785.*
Page 23 - as well as the Kaolins, is found in commerce in the form of briquettes which are called pe-tun-tse." This word was for a time applied by mineralogists to a " fine, white vitrescible stone, compact and ponderous, and of considerable brightness when broken
Page 113 - Ces bancs sont verticaux, et dirigés du " nord-est au sud-ouest, comme tous ceux de " ces montagnes. Ils n'ont pas le même "genre d'irrégularité que les précédens ; ils

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