Printing: An Account of Its Invention and of William Caxton, the First English Printer

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A. Quantin, 1877 - Printing - 81 pages
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Page 57 - to hem as hastely as I myght this sayd book Therefore I haue practysed & lerned at my grete charge and dispense to ordeyne this said book in prynte after the maner & forme as ye may here see and is not wreton with penne and ynke as other bokes ben to thende that euery man may haue them attones
Page 55 - in the weeld where I doubte not is spoken as brode and rude englissh as is in ony place of englond and have contynued by the space of. xxx. yere for the most parte in the contres of Braband flandres holand and zeland
Page 57 - all the bookes of this storye named the recule of the historyes of troyes thus enpryntid as ye here see were begonne in oon day and also fynyshid in oon day whiche book I haue presented to my sayd redoubtid lady as a fore is sayd. And she hath well acceptid hit and largely rewarded me wherfore I beseche almyghty god to rewarde her
Page 61 - Islip, Abbot of Westminster, erected the first Presse of booke printing that ever was in England, about the year of Christ 1471. William Caxton, cittizen of London, mercer, brought it into England and was the first that practised it in the sayde Abbey.
Page 61 - Thus endyth the moost vertuouse hystorye of the deuoute and right renowned lyves of holy faders lyuynge in deserte, worthy of remembraunce to all wel dysposed persones, which hath be translated out of Frenche into Englisshe by William Caxton of Westmynstre, late deed, and fynysshed at the laste day of his lyff.
Page 10 - art of printing was first discovered at Mentz, in Germany, and it is a great honour to the German nation that such ingenious men were found in it. This happened
Page 55 - quayers to her sayd grace and whan she had seen hem. anone she fonde a defaute in myn englissh whiche sche comaded me to amende ad more ouer comanded me straytli to contynue and make an ende of the resydue than not translated, whos
Page 11 - then men began to print; and the first book printed was the Bible in Latin, and it was printed in a larger character than that in which men now print massbooks. " Item. Although the art was invented at Mentz as aforesaid in the manner
Page 54 - in to oure englissh to thende that hyt myght be had as well in the royame of Englond as in other landes and also for to passe therwyth the tyme. and thus concluded in my self to begynne this
Page 63 - house of GOD, From which we learn the homage it received And how our sires its heavenly birth believ'd; Each Printer hence, howe'er unblest his walls, E'en to this day his house a Chapel calls.

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