Historical Record of the First Or the Royal Regiment of Dragoons: Containing an Account of Its Formation in the Reign of King Charles the Second, and of Its Subsequent Services to the Present Time

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Chapman and Hall, 1887 - 311 pages

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Page viii - Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates as may have specially signalized themselves in Action. And, The Badges and Devices which the Regiment may have been permitted to bear, and the Causes on account of which such Badges or Devices, or any other Marks of Distinction, have been granted.
Page 4 - Their pay was far higher than that of the most favoured regiment of our time, and would in that age have been thought a respectable provision for the younger son of a country squire. Their fine horses, their rich housings, their cuirasses, and their buff coats adorned with ribands, velvet, and gold lace, made a splendid appearance in St. James's Park. A small body of grenadier dragoons, who came from a lower class and received lower pay, was attached to ea.c\\ Vcoo^. : body of he iy of household...
Page 4 - ... exclusive of officers. This corps, to which the safety of the King and royal family was confided, had a very peculiar character. Even the privates were designated as gentlemen of the Guard.
Page vii - ... and Circumstances of the Original Formation of the Regiment ; The Stations at which it has been from time to time employed ; The Battles, Sieges, and other Military Operations in which it has been engaged, particularly specifying any Achievement it may have performed, and the Colours, Trophies, &c., it may have captured from the Enemy. The Names of the Officers, and the number of Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates Killed or Wounded by the Enemy, specifying the place and Date of the Action.
Page 7 - Ordinance, as followeth : that is to say, three corporalls, two sergeants, the gentlemen at armes, and twelve souldiers of each of the said twelve troopes, are to have and carry each of them one halbard, and one case of pistolls with holsters ; and the rest of the souldiers of the several troopes aforesaid, are to have and to carry each of them one matchlocke...
Page vii - MAJESTY has been pleased to command that, with the view of doing the fullest justice to Regiments, as well as to Individuals who have distinguished themselves by their bravery in Action with the Enemy, an Account of the Services of every Regiment in the British Army shall be published under the superintendence and direction of the Adjutant- General ; and that this Account shall contain the following particulars, viz.
Page 121 - Clifton, and one troop of the 14th Light Dragoons, which, being all that were employed in covering the front from Villa de Egua to Espeja, were assembled at Gallegos, and retreated from thence agreeably to my directions.
Page 189 - Brigade on the heavy loss it sustained, he feels it to be due to them to place on record the gallantry they displayed, and the coolness and perseverance with which they executed one of the most arduous attacks that was ever witnessed, under the heaviest fire, and in face of powerful bodies of Artillery, Cavalry, and Infantry.
Page 173 - MY LORD DUKE, I have the honour to inform your Grace that the Court of Assistants of the Drapers...
Page 89 - Droit, underneath ; the white horse in a compartment in the first and fourth corners, and VIII.D., in gold characters on a blue ground, in the second and third corners.

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