A plain and easy account of the land and fresh-water mollusks of Great Britain

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Page 245 - A clear, bold, distinctive type enables the reader to take In at a glance the arrangement and divisions of every page. And Mrs. Lankester has added to the technical description by the editor an extremely interesting popular sketch, which follows in smaller type. The...
Page 245 - British plants which encumber these volumes with riches, the reader cannot help being struck with the beauty of many of the humblest flowering weeds we tread on with careless step. We cannot dwell upon many of the individuals grouped in the splendid bouquet of flowers presented in these pages, and it will be sufficient to state that the work is pledged to contain a figure of every wild flower indigenous to these isles." — The Times. " Will be the most complete Flora of Great Britain ever brought...
Page 189 - These just-hatched molluscs, though aquatic in their nature, survived on the duck's feet, in damp air, from twelve to twenty hoUrs; and in this length of time a duck or heron might fly at least six or seven hundred miles, and if blown across the sea to an oceanic island, or to any other distant point, would be sure to alight on a pool or rivulet.
Page 248 - RUST, SMUT, MILDEW, AND MOULD. An Introduction to the Study of Microscopic Fungi.
Page 256 - Arranged to meet the requirements of the Syllabus of the Science and Art Department of the Committee of Council on Education, South Kensington.
Page 245 - Will be the most complete Flora of Great Britain ever brought out. This great work will find a place wherever botanical science is cultivated,' and the study of our native plants, with all their fascinating associations, held dear.
Page 118 - I seized the vermin, home I quickly sped, And on the hearth the milk-white embers spread. Slow crawl'd the snail, and, if I right can spell In the soft ashes mark'da curious L; Oh, may this wondrous omen lucky prove! For L is found in Lubberkin and Love. ' With my sharp heel I three times mark the ground, And turn me thrice around, around, around.
Page 255 - NEWTON, JOSEPH, FRHS THE LANDSCAPE GARDENER : A Practical Guide to the Laying-Out, Planting, and Arrangement of Villa Gardens, Town Squares, and Open Spaces, from a Quarter of an Acre to Four Acres. For the use of Practical Gardeners, Amateurs, Architects, and Builders. With 24 Plans. Fcap. folio, cloth, 12s. NOTES ON COLLECTING AND PRESERVING NATURAL HISTORY OBJECTS. Edited by JE TAYLOR, FLS, FGS, Editor of
Page 246 - Directions showing which are the best adapted for the Hothouse, Greenhouse, Open Air Fernery, or Wardian Case. With an Index of Genera, Species, and Synonyms.
Page 267 - CONTENTS. The Beginning of Life England, long, long ago The First Dwellers on Earth The First Builders The First Wanderers The First Colonists of Sacred History The First Language The First Alphabet The Battle of Life Glances at the Laws of Life Life in the Blood Life in the Nerves Life of a Giant Life of Men of Genius Influence of Smoking on Life and Race Life in the Stars and Planets ; or, Coloured Stars and their Inhabitants, úc.

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