Appleton's Railroad and Steamboat Companion: Being a Traveller's Guide Through the United States of America, Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia

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D. Appleton, 1848 - Canada - 313 pages
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Page 210 - The voice of thy thunder was in the heaven, the lightnings lightened the world : the earth trembled and shook. Thy way is in the sea, and thy path in the great waters, and thy footsteps are not known.
Page 137 - River. Governor's Island was formerly connected with Brooklyn at Red Hook Point ; and previous to the Revolution, cattle were driven from the Hook to the island, then separated by a narrow and shallow passage called Buttermilk Channel, which is now wide and deep enough for the passage of merchant vessels of the largest size. Brooklyn was incorporated as a village in April, 1806, and as a city, with greatly extended limits, on the 8th of April, 1834. It is divided into nine wards, and is governed...
Page 79 - ... lie bared and whitening in the summer's .sun You cross and recross it, as in its deviations it leaves space, on one side or the other, for a practicable road. " At ' Chester Factories' you begin your ascent of 80 feet in a mile for 13 miles!
Page 132 - ... cents. For conveying a passenger any distance exceeding a mile, and within two miles, seventy-five cents ; and for every additional passenger, thirtyseven and a half cents.
Page 42 - ... extremity of Casco Bay, and, on approaching it from the ocean, is seen to great advantage. The harbor is one of the best on the Atlantic coast, the anchorage being protected on every side by land, whilst the water is deep, and communication with the ocean direct and convenient.
Page 65 - The town is seated on the declivity of a hill, about 250 ft. high, rising from one of the finest harbors on the continent. The streets are generally broad, and for the most part macadamized. Viewed from the water, or from the opposite shore, the city is prepossessing and animated. In front, the town is lined with wharves, which, from the number of vessels constantly loading and discharging, always exhibit a spectacle of great commercial activity.
Page 253 - Nature has bestowed its richest gifts upon this region ; and the enterprise of the people has been directed to the development of its resources, with an energy and success seldom paralleled. The city of Pittsburg enjoys, from its situation, admirable commercial facilities, and has become the centre of an extensive commerce with the western states ; while its vicinity to inexhanstible iron and coal mines, has raised it to great distinction as a manufacturing place.
Page 186 - It occupies the extremity of a ridge, terminating in the angle formed by the junction of the two rivers, in the point called CAPE DIAMOND, rising to the height of nearly 340 ft. above the St Lawrence. The cape is surmounted by the citadel, and the town extends from it, principally in a north-east direction, down to the water's edge.
Page 178 - Ethan Allen, of Vermont, at the head of the Green Mountain Boys, surprised the unsuspecting garrison, penetrated to the very bedside of the commandant, and, waking him, demanded the surrender of the fort. " In whose name, and to whom ? " exclaimed the surprised officer. " In the name of the great Jehovah and the Continental Congress ! " thundered the intrepid Allen, and the fort was immediately surrendered.

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