The North American Medical and Surgical Journal, Volume 8

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1829 - Medicine
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Page 352 - its nurse's lap, unable or unwilling to raise its head, half asleep, one moment opening its eyes and the next closing them again with a remarkable expression of languor. The tongue is slightly white, the skin is not hot, at times the nurse remarks that it is colder than natural; in some cases there is at times a slight and transient flush.
Page 224 - medicinal plants; the formula for the principal officinal preparations of the American, Parisian, Dublin, Edinburgh, &c. pharmacopoeias; with observations on the proper mode of combining and administering remedies. Translated from the French, with numerous additions and corrections, and adapted to the practice of medicine and the
Page 420 - talked rationally and composedly about his affairs, and on various subjects, but frequently asked the guard if they did not hear sweet sounds of. different kinds; and on being answered in the negative, insisted that he could not be mistaken. After being committed he became regular, and expressed his regret at what he had done.
Page 351 - young or middle aged woman, somewhat reduced in flesh and health, almost living on her sofa for months, or even years, from a constant pain in the uterus, which renders her unable to sit -up and take exercise; the uterus, on examination, unchanged in structure, but exquisitely tender; even in the recumbent posture always in pain, but subject to great aggravations, more or less frequently.
Page 419 - On the Sunday before the murder, he drank freely, and was intoxicated, in which condition as usual, he was quiet, dull, and disposed to lie in bed. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday presented nothing special. On Wednesday evening he complained to a neighbour of feeling unwell, and asked his son's assistance in the performance of some necessary manual labour
Page 346 - But experience and reflection lead to very different conclusions; they teach us that a disorder of the mind may be connected with very opposite states of the circulation, sometimes with inflammation or active congestion, for which depletion is the shortest and surest remedy; sometimes with an opposite condition of the circulation, which depletion will only aggravate.
Page 419 - He spent the day at home in the midst of his family, apparently in agitation and terror; but said he would not hurt any one, and did not wish to be hurt. In addition to the axe which he placed under the bed, where it was often kept, he
Page 341 - there is, perhaps, no disease of which the histories have been so opposite. RICHTER could almost always cure it. Dr WILLIAM HUNTER and Dr CLARKE could scarcely ever cure it. In Dr LOWDER'S time, it was observed, that every woman who was blooded, died. In Dr ARMSTRONG'S time, it was observed, that every woman who was not blooded, died.
Page 361 - is much more common among the lowest classes than the supporters of its mental origin are inclined to admit. Now drunkenness is certainly the great vice of this class in Great Britain and Ireland, and th.e propensity is gratified usually by ardent spirits. In a table of 1370 lunatics, admitted into the asylum at Cork, Dr
Page 347 - When the disease has lasted long, when the patient expresses a strong wish to see some near friend, when she entertains illusions which the sight of some one may efface, the admission of such a person is worth a trial.

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