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Teaching Statistics: A Bag of Tricks

Andrew Gelman, Deborah Nolan - 2002 - Mathematics - No preview available
Students in the sciences, economics, psychology, social sciences, and medicine take introductory statistics. Statistics is increasingly offered at the high school level as well.
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Probabilistic Networks and Expert Systems: Exact Computational Methods for ...

Robert G. Cowell, Philip Dawid, Steffen L. Lauritzen, David J. Spiegelhalter - 2007 - Computers - Limited preview
The work reviewed in this book represents the synthesis of two important developments in modelling of complex stochastic phenomena. The book gives a thorough and rigorous mathematical treatment of the underlying ideas, structures, and algorithms.
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Bayesian Networks and Decision Graphs

FINN VERNER JENSEN, Thomas Dyhre Nielsen - 2007 - Computers - Limited preview
This is a new edition of an essential work on Bayesian networks and decision graphs. It is an introduction to probabilistic graphical models including Bayesian networks and influence diagrams. It presents a thorough introduction to state-of-the ...
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Graphical Models

Steffen L. Lauritzen - 1996 - Limited preview
The idea of modelling systems using graph theory has its origin in several scientific areas: in statistical physics (the study of large particle systems), in genetics (studying inheritable properties of natural species), and in interactions in ...
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Bayesian Networks and Decision Graphs

Finn V. Jensen - 2001 - Computers - Limited preview
A practical guide to normative systems: Causal and bayesian networks; Building models; learning, adaptation, and tuning; Decision graphs. Algorithms ofr normative systems: Belief updating in bayesian networks; Bayesian network analysis tools ...
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An Inductive Logic Programming Approach to Statistical Relational Learning

Kristian Kersting - 2006 - Computers - Limited preview
"In his publication, the author Kristian Kersting has made an assault on one of the hardest integration problems at the heart of Artificial Intelligence research. This involves taking three disparate major areas of research and attempting a ...
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Modeling and Reasoning with Bayesian Networks

Adnan Darwiche - 2009 - Computers - Limited preview
This book is a thorough introduction to the formal foundations and practical applications of Bayesian networks. It provides an extensive discussion of techniques for building Bayesian networks that model real-world situations, including ...
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Bayesian Artificial Intelligence

Kevin B. Korb, Ann E. Nicholson - 2003 - Computers - No preview available
As the power of Bayesian techniques has become more fully realized, the field of artificial intelligence has embraced Bayesian methodology and integrated it to the point where an introduction to Bayesian techniques is now a core course in many ...
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Verbal behavior

Burrhus Frederic Skinner - 1957 - Language Arts & Disciplines - Snippet view
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Readings in Agents

Michael N. Huhns, Munindar Paul Singh - 1998 - Computers - Limited preview
The world of agents comprises a broad range of intelligent programs that perform specific tasks on behalf of their users. Agents are distinguished from other types of software by their status as independent entities capable of completing complex ...
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