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Innocent Spouse: A Memoir - Page 207

Carol Ross Joynt - Biography & Autobiography - 2011 - 288 pages
(l||a|)l(~|'. Sill. i\w\'F.|:s HAD BECOME routine in my life. In less than a year I went
from never having had a lawyer to having enough to fill a small bus. I also went
from not knowing how to handle lawyers, behave around them, or maximize the ...
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The Power Electronics Handbook

Timothy L. Skvarenina - Technology & Engineering - 2001 - 664 pages
The Power Electronics Handbook is your key to understanding those devices, incorporating them into controllable circuits, and implementing those systems into applications from virtually every area of electrical engineering.
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Strategic Management for Nonprofit Organizations: Theory and Cases

Sharon M. Oster - Business & Economics - 1995 - 360 pages
The book draws clear distinctions between the different challenges encountered by nonprofits operating in different industries.
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The Probabilistic Method

Noga Alon, Joel H. Spencer - Mathematics - 2011 - 376 pages
Praise for the Second Edition: "Serious researchers in combinatorics or algorithm design will wish to read the book in its entirety...the book may also be enjoyed on a lighter level since the different chapters are largely independent and ...
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A Broken Thing: Poets on the Line

Emily Rosko, Anton Vander Zee - Literary Criticism - 2011 - 288 pages
A Broken Thing both reflects upon and extends this history, charting a rich diffusion of theory and practice into the twenty-first century with the most diverse, wide-ranging and engaging set of essays to date on the line in poetry, ...
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Flow and Transport in Porous Media and Fractured Rock: From Classical ...

Muhammad Sahimi - Science - 2011 - 718 pages
The book is unique in its scope, since there is currently no book that compares the two approaches, and covers all important aspects of porous media problems; and includes discussion of fractured rocks, which so far has been treated as a ...
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Phased Array Antennas with Optimized Element Patterns

Sergei P. Skobelev - Technology & Engineering - 2011 - 284 pages
Moreover, this practical book presents important numerical methods that you can use to model and optimize phased array structure to obtain the best array characteristics that the chosen structure can provide.From arrays with beam-forming ...
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The Plastic Film and Foil Web Handling Guide

William E. Hawkins - Technology & Engineering - 2002 - 192 pages
The text presents guidelines on: Roller alignment in machines Tensioning of webs Use of web spreading and guiding devices Use of razor slitters Shear knife slitters Edge trim removal Trim disposal Management of electrostatic charges on webs ...
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The Pirate's Dilemma: How Youth Culture Is Reinventing Capitalism

Matt Mason - Business & Economics - 2008 - 288 pages
In The Pirate's Dilemma, VICE magazine's Matt Mason -- poised to become the Malcolm Gladwell of the iPod Generation -- brings the exuberance of a passionate music fan and the technological savvy of an IT wizard to the task of sorting ...
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Aliens and Man: A Synopsis of Facts and Beliefs

Jerome A. Kroth, Jerry Kroth - Body, Mind & Spirit - 2010 - 196 pages
Here, Dr. Kroth gives the run-down on a wide range of evidence, and ponders how reliable any of it may be. Readers are left with all the elements to form their own equation.
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Fundamentals of Modern Unsteady Aerodynamics

Ülgen Gülçat - Technology & Engineering - 2010 - 341 pages
The book also covers the modern topics concerning the developments made during the last years, especially in relation to wing flappings for propulsion.
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Geometry by Its History

Alexander Ostermann, Gerhard Wanner - Mathematics - 2012 - 440 pages
Complemented by numerous examples, exercises, figures and pictures, the book offers both motivation and insightful explanations, and provides stimulating and enjoyable reading for students and teachers alike.
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Essentials of Biochemistry

Herbert J. Fromm, Mark Hargrove - Science - 2011 - 364 pages
An emphasis is placed on metabolism and reaction mechanisms and how they are studied. As the title of the book implies, the text lays the basis for an understanding of the fundamentals of biochemistry.
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Inequalities: Theorems, Techniques and Selected Problems

Zdravko Cvetkovski - Mathematics - 2012 - 444 pages
School teachers and trainers for mathematical competitions will also gain benefit from this book. This work is about inequalities which play an important role in mathematical Olympiads.
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