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Extraterrestrial Civilizations

Isaac Asimov - Science - 2011 - 282 pages
Isaac Asimov. all the particles-with-mass in a ship, including those in the crew
and passengers, into photons of different types. The photons would then, without
the necessity of acceleration and without the expenditure of the energy ordinarily
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Extraterrestrial Civilizations

Bestsellers - Books USA Press - 2011
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED eISBN: 9780307792303 v3.1 To the memory of Paul
Nadan (19291978) for whom I should have started the book sooner. Contents
Cover Other Book by This Author Title Page Dedication Copyright 1 ∙The Earth ...
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Cancer: Basic Science and Clinical Aspects

Craig A. Almeida, Sheila A. Barry - Science - 2011 - 424 pages
The text is strategically inclusive of pedagogical features that will assist students in both study and comprehension while illustrating real life application of the concepts.
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I, Asimov: A Memoir

Isaac Asimov - Fiction - 2009 - 592 pages
Here is the story of the paradoxical genius who wrote of travel to the stars yet refused to fly in airplanes; who imagined alien universes and vast galactic civilizations while staying home to write; who compulsively authored more than 470 ...
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McDonald and Avery Dentistry for the Child and Adolescent

Jeffrey A. Dean, David R. Avery, Ralph E. McDonald - Medical - 2010 - 720 pages
This edition helps you improve patient outcomes with up-to-date coverage of restorative materials, cosmetic tooth whitening, care of anxious patients, and sedation techniques for children.
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Supply Chain Excellence: A Handbook for Dramatic Improvement Using the SCOR ...

Peter BOLSTORFF, Robert ROSENBAUM - Business & Economics - 2011 - 304 pages
In addition to the value chain processes of DCOR and CCOR, the book is now adapted for use in an SAP environment, in global enterprises, and by small businesses.
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One Soldier's War

Arkady Babchenko - History - 2009 - 416 pages
A young Russian soldier offers a harrowing chronicle of his experiences in the Chechen wars that captures the fear, chaos, hardship, drudgery, and brutality of modern warfare, documenting his personal odyssey from na´ve, teenage conscript ...
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Quantum Transport: Introduction to Nanoscience

Yuli V. Nazarov, Yaroslav M. Blanter - Science - 2009
Quantum transport is a diverse field, sometimes combining seemingly contradicting concepts - quantum and classical, conduction and insulating - within a single nanodevice.
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Non Coding RNAs in Plants

Volker A. Erdmann, hab. Jan Barciszewski - Science - 2011 - 510 pages
With this book the editors have been able to solicit the best ncRNA plant researchers in the world to report on their most recent discoveries concerning the importance of small ncRNA in plants.
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