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The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to ... - Page 44

Eric Ries - Business & Economics - 2011 - 336 pages
How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically
Successful Businesses Eric Ries. “Well, it's this thing that interoperates with the
instant messaging client.” Shes looking at us and thinking, “I've never heard of
that, my ...
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Leading Lean Software Development: Results Are not the Point

Mary Poppendieck, Tom Poppendieck - Computers - 2009 - 312 pages
The Poppendiecks organize this book around the crucial concept of frames, the unspoken mental constructs that shape our perspectives and control our behavior in ways we rarely notice.
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The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

Charles Duhigg - Business & Economics - 2012 - 416 pages
The stories that Duhigg has knitted together are all fascinating in their own right, but take on an added dimension when wedded to his examination of habits.”— Associated Press “There’s been a lot of research over the past several ...
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The Lean Enterprise: How Corporations Can Innovate Like Startups

Trevor Owens, Obie Fernandez - Business & Economics - 2014 - 256 pages
More notably, the book points out examples of the many failures of corporate leadership to empower the very innovators within their walls.
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Learning Android Game Programming: A Hands-On Guide to Building Your First ...

Richard A. Rogers - Computers - 2011 - 480 pages
With this book you’ll learn how to Use free Android tools for creating code, artwork, and sound Implement the “game loop” that is at the heart of Android games Bring your game to life with scene transitions and entity modifiers Make ...
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Red Machine: Liverpool FC in the '80s: The Players' Stories

Simon Hughes - Sports & Recreation - 2013 - 272 pages
In Red Machine, Simon Hughes interviews some of the most colourful characters to have played for the club during that period.
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Going Lean: How the Best Companies Apply Lean Manufacturing Principles to ...

Stephen A. Ruffa - Business & Economics - 2008 - 288 pages
Going Lean sets aside the notion that efficient operations and powerful innovations are only possible when business is steady and demand is growing.
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Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

Chip Heath, Dan Heath - Business & Economics - 2007 - 291 pages
BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Chip Heath and Dan Heath's Switch.
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Early Intervention Games: Fun, Joyful Ways to Develop Social and Motor ...

Barbara Sher - Family & Relationships - 2009 - 256 pages
In this book, she artfully explains how everyone can support challenged children through brilliantly creative yet practical, low-budget games.
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Boys in White: Student Culture in Medical School

Howard Saul Becker - Social Science - 2002 - 456 pages
With some sixty tables and illustrations, the book is a major experiment in analyzing and presenting qualitative data.
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Performance Automotive Engine Math

John Baechtel - Transportation - 2011 - 160 pages
Walks readers through the complete engine, showcasing the methodology required to define each specific parameter, and how to translate the engineering math to hard measurements reflected in various engine parts, and a successful build.
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Learning Ext Js 4

Crysfel Villa Roman - Computers - 2013 - 434 pages
The book is a step-by-step tutorial full of example code and explanations to help a beginner learn Ext JS thoroughly. This book will help you to learn Ext JS from scratch, it would be better if you have some JavaScript knowledge.
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Agile Software Requirements: Lean Requirements Practices for Teams, Programs ...

Dean Leffingwell - Computers - 2010 - 560 pages
“We need better approaches to understanding and managing software requirements, and Dean provides them in this book.
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A Readable Beowulf: The Old English Epic Newly Translated

Stanley B. Greenfield, Alain Renoir - Literary Criticism - 1982 - 161 pages
The Anglo-Saxon poem recounting the story of Beowulf's battle with the monster, Grendel, is translated in the style of contemporary verse
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Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling Technology Project

Geoffrey A. Moore - Business & Economics - 2009 - 256 pages
Here is the bestselling guide that created a new game plan for marketing in high-tech industries. Crossing the Chasm has become the bible for bringing cutting-edge products to progressively larger markets.
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CSS3 Solutions: Essential Techniques for CSS3 Developers

Marco Casario, Nathalie Wormser, Dan Saltzman, Anselm Bradford, Jonathan Reid, Francesco Improta, Aaron Congleton - Computers - 2012 - 338 pages
Problems covered include: Developing across multiple devices Design patterns for user experience and mobile Working with the CSS box model Who this book is for Web developers and designers seeking practical advice on making CSS3 work.
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Scaling Lean & Agile Development: Thinking and Organizational Tools for ...

Craig Larman, Bas Vodde - Computers - 2008 - 368 pages
In addition to the foundation tools in this text, see the companion book Practices for Scaling Lean & Agile Development: Large, Multisite, and Offshore Product Development with Large-Scale Scrum for complementary action tools.
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