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In Xanadu

William Dalrymple - Travel - 2012 - 247 pages
Stylish, witty, and knowledgeable about everything from the dreaded order of Assassins to the hidden origins of the Three Magi, this is travel writing at its best.
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Mr. Quiet

Roger Hargreaves - Juvenile Fiction - 2009 - 32 pages
Mr. Quiet is afraid of loud noises. This is a big problem for him, since he lives in Loudland. But one day he gets a letter from Mr. Happy inviting him to Happyland, where he finds?what else??happiness!
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The Microscope and How to Use It

Dr. Georg Stehli - Science - 2012 - 176 pages
In nontechnical language and with 199 photographs and drawings, the author clearly explains how a microscope works and what kind to use; preparation and examination of specimens, and much more.
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Three to See the King: A Novel

Magnus Mills - Fiction - 2001 - 176 pages
The gravitational pull cannot be resisted. Nor can this novel. Part mystery, part parable, Three to See the King stalks the reader’s imagination and grows inexorably and irresistibly in the telling.
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From the Holy Mountain: A Journey Among the Christians of the Middle East

William Dalrymple - Travel - 2012 - 512 pages
Using Moschos’s writings as his guide and inspiration, the acclaimed travel writer William Dalrymple retraces the footsteps of these two monks, providing along the way a moving elegy to the slowly dying civilization of Eastern ...
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City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi

William Dalrymple - Travel - 2003 - 352 pages
Sparkling with irrepressible wit, City of Djinns peels back the layers of Delhi's centuries-old history, revealing an extraordinary array of characters along the way-from eunuchs to descendants of great Moguls.
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White Mughals: Love and Betrayal in Eighteenth-Century India

William Dalrymple - Fiction - 2004 - 544 pages
In White Mughals, William Dalrymple discovers a world almost entirely unexplored by history, and places at its centre a compelling tale of love, seduction and betrayal.
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Practically Perfect: A Novel

Katie Fforde - Fiction - 2008 - 384 pages
Anna, a newly qualified interior designer, has decided it’s time to put her money and her expertise where her mouth is and risk everything to buy a tiny but adorable cottage in desperate need of renovation.
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All His Jazz: The Life and Death of Bob Fosse

Martin Gottfried - Biography & Autobiography - 2009 - 512 pages
Here is the less-publicized side of his story-his surprising ascent from the world of sleazy Chicago strip joints to the glitter of Broadway. A legend's memory is preserved in this eloquent biography.
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