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The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life - Page 456

Alice Schroeder - Biography & Autobiography - 2008 - 960 pages
Warren Buffett and the Business of Life Alice Schroeder. ltjnst wasn't proportional
to the time spent. And then she lost her joh, in ejfect, when the kids were raised. “
In a sense, it was time firr her to do what she liked to do. She did a lot of ...
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UNIX Operating System: The Development Tutorial via UNIX Kernel Services

Yukun Liu, Yong Yue, Liwei Guo - Computer science - 2011 - 388 pages
It clarifies the bond between UNIX implementation and general operating system and software engineering theories.
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Understanding Problems of Social Pathology

Przemysław Piotrowski - Psychology - 2006 - 241 pages
The volume is of interest for social scientists and professionals as well as for students.
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Ethical Problems in Emergency Medicine, Enhanced Edition: A Discussion-based ...

Peter Rosen, James Adams, Arthur R. Derse, Shamai Grossman, Richard Wolfe - Medical - 2012 - 352 pages
This book is designed to consolidate the relevant literature as well as the thoughts of professionals currently working in the field into a practical and accessible reference for the emergency medical technician, student, nurse, resident, ...
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European Handbook of Neurological Management

Nils Erik Gilhus, Michael R. Barnes, Michael Brainin - Medical - 2011 - 584 pages
The Guidelines in this volume cover: Investigation Major neurological diseases Neuromuscular diseases Infections Neurological problems Sleep disorders Rehabilitation The European Handbook of Neurological Management provides a thoroughly ...
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The Economics of Software Quality

Capers Jones, Olivier Bonsignour - Computers - 2011 - 624 pages
This book will help you Move beyond functional quality to quantify non-functional and structural quality Prove that improved software quality translates into strongly positive ROI and greatly reduced TCO Drive better results from current ...
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Gary Paulsen - Juvenile Fiction - 2009 - 160 pages
With a bit of misdirection and a lot of quick thinking, Mudshark restores order to the chaos . . . just for the moment. From the Hardcover edition.
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Ethics and Politics of Translating

Henri Meschonnic - Language Arts & Disciplines - 2011 - 178 pages
What if meaning were the last thing that mattered in language? In this essay, Henri Meschonnic explains what it means to translate the sense of language and how to do it.
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A Beginner's Guide to Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil

Gareth Southwell - Philosophy - 2009 - 232 pages
A Beginner’s Guide to Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil offers a concise and readable summary of this difficult text, geared toward students embarking on their studies (at A-level, or on undergraduate degree courses) and general readers.
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The Euro Capital Market

Daniel Gros, Karel Lannoo - Business & Economics - 2001 - 216 pages
This book focuses on the long-term impact that the introduction of the euro will have on European capital markets and spells out implications for the financial sector and the wider economy.
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The Holy Road

Michael Blake - Fiction - 2013
Told with the same sweep, insight, and majesty that have made Dances With Wolves a worldwide phenomenon, The Holy Road is an epic story of courage and honor.
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The Ethics of Nature

Celia Deane-Drummond - Religion - 2008 - 272 pages
The book presents a range of ethical debates arising from our relationship with nature, including current controversies about the environment, animal rights, biotechnology, consciousness, and cloning.
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Industrial Network Security: Securing Critical Infrastructure Networks for ...

Eric D. Knapp, Joel Thomas Langill - Computers - 2014 - 460 pages
This how-to guide gives you thorough understanding of the unique challenges facing critical infrastructures, new guidelines and security measures for critical infrastructure protection, knowledge of new and evolving security tools, and ...
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Universal Principles of Design, Revised and Updated: 125 Ways to Enhance ...

William Lidwell, Kritina Holden, Jill Butler - Design - 2010 - 272 pages
A cross-disciplinary reference of design. Pairs common design concepts with examples that illustrate them in practice.
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The Dictator's Handbook: Why Bad Behavior Is Almost Always Good Politics

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, Alastair Smith - Political Science - 2011 - 319 pages
Explains the theory of political survival, particularly in cases of dictators and despotic governments, arguing that political leaders seek to stay in power using any means necessary, most commonly by attending to the interests of certain ...
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Ethernet Networks: Design, Implementation, Operation, Management

Gilbert Held - Computers - 2003 - 610 pages
Ethernet Networks, Fourth Edition, provides everything you need to know to plan, implement, manage and upgrade Ethernet networks. * Improve your skills in employing Ethernet hubs, switches, and routers. * Learn how to set up and operate a ...
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American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House

Jon Meacham - Biography & Autobiography - 2008 - 500 pages
Jon Meacham in American Lion has delivered the definitive human portrait of a pivotal president who forever changed the American presidency–and America itself. From the Hardcover edition.
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The European Reformations

Carter Lindberg - Religion - 2011 - 472 pages
The book continues its tradition of presenting material in the most lively and accessible manner possible, and sets the origin of the Reformation in the context of late medieval social, economic and religious crises, carefully tracing its ...
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Neuroeconomics: Decision Making and the Brain

Paul W. Glimcher, Ernst Fehr, Colin Camerer, Russell Alan Poldrack - Medical - 2008 - 556 pages
This book is the first edited reference to examine the science behind neuroeconomics, including how it influences human behavior and societal decision making from a behavioral economics point of view.
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Gauge Field Theories

Paul H. Frampton - Science - 2008 - 353 pages
The first edition of this work was quickly adopted by universities and other institutions of higher learning around the world. Completely updated, this third edition continues to be an ideal reference on the subject.
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Ethics for Psychologists

Ronald D. Francis - Medical - 2010 - 328 pages
For teaching purposes this work is divided into sections to which instructors can readily refer: this is supplemented with a comprehensive list of references, and a wide-ranging index.
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