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The Price of Civilization: Reawakening American Virtue and Prosperity - Page 161

Jeffrey D. Sachs - Business & Economics - 2011 - 352 pages
The. Mindful. Society. This chapter and the ones that follow propose some
workable steps toward a new American economy, a healthier society, and a more
ethical basis for the study and practice of economics itself. These steps start from
a ...
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I Swear I Saw This: Drawings in Fieldwork Notebooks, Namely My Own

Michael Taussig - Social Science - 2011 - 192 pages
I Swear I Saw This records visionary anthropologist Michael Taussig’s reflections on the fieldwork notebooks he kept through forty years of travels in Colombia.
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Consumer Behavior: Women and Shopping

Patricia Huddleston - Business & Economics - 2011 - 125 pages
Why Women Shop provides a fascinating insight into women's shopping habits and motivations. This book is of interest to business as they gain a better understanding of the most powerful economic force in the retail industry.
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Theory and Applications of Ontology: Computer Applications

Roberto Poli, Michael Healy, Achilles Kameas - Philosophy - 2010 - 576 pages
The volume offers an overview of current research in ontology, distinguishing basic conceptual issues, domain applications, general frameworks, and mathematical formalisms.
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Sexing the Body: Gender Politics and the Construct

Anne Fausto-Sterling - Social Science - 2008 - 496 pages
In this brilliant and provocative book, the acclaimed author of Myths of Gender argues that even the most fundamental knowledge about sex is shaped by the culture in which scientific knowledge is produced.Drawing on astonishing real-life ...
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The Affluent Society

John Kenneth Galbraith - Business & Economics - 1998 - 288 pages
While "affluent society" and "conventional wisdom" (first used in this book) have entered the vernacular, the message of the book has not been so widely embraced--reason enough to rediscover The Affluent Society.
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Conflicted Antiquities: Egyptology, Egyptomania, Egyptian Modernity

Elliott Colla - History - 2007 - 345 pages
Conflicted Antiquities is a rich cultural history of European and Egyptian interest in ancient Egypt and its material culture, from the early nineteenth century until the mid-twentieth.
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After the Music Stopped: The Financial Crisis, the Response, and the Work Ahead

Alan S. Blinder - Business & Economics - 2013 - 528 pages
Named one of the Ten Best Books of 2013 by Michiko Kakutani and the New York Times Book Review “Blinder is a master storyteller . . . one of the best books yet about the financial crisis.” —The Wall Street Journal Alan S. ...
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Sex with Kings

Eleanor Herman - History - 2009 - 320 pages
Alive with flamboyant characters, outrageous humor, and stirring poignancy, this glittering tale of passion and politics chronicles five hundred years of scintillating women and the kings who loved them.
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Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet

Jeffrey D. Sachs - Business & Economics - 2008 - 400 pages
Few luminaries anywhere on the planet are as schooled in this daunting subject as Sachs, and this is the vital product of his experience and wisdom.
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Sex and Punishment: Four Thousand Years of Judging Desire

Eric Berkowitz - History - 2012 - 465 pages
With the light touch of a natural storyteller, Berkowitz spins these tales and more, going behind closed doors to reveal the essential history of human desire.
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The European Reformations

Carter Lindberg - Religion - 2011 - 472 pages
The book continues its tradition of presenting material in the most lively and accessible manner possible, and sets the origin of the Reformation in the context of late medieval social, economic and religious crises, carefully tracing its ...
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So Long, See You Tomorrow

William Maxwell - Fiction - 2011 - 144 pages
In this magically evocative novel, William Maxwell explores the enigmatic gravity of the past, which compels us to keep explaining it even as it makes liars out of us every time we try.
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13 Bankers: The Wall Street Takeover and the Next Financial Meltdown

Simon Johnson - Business & Economics - 2010 - 240 pages
How did this come to be—and what is to be done? These are the central concerns of 13 Bankers, a brilliant, historically informed account of our troubled political economy.
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