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Your Google ebooks file download is just a few short steps away. Follow these simple instructions (Mac and PC only).

  1. Install the free Adobe Digital Editions ebook reader software - you need to do this only the first time.
    • If you wish to transfer the file from this computer to another Adobe-compatible device, be sure to use a common Adobe id on both readers. You will also need to install to your Mac or PC the software specific to your ebook reader: the Sony Reader Library, or the NOOK app.
  2. Download this ACSM file for your book, Works.
  3. Open the ACSM file with the Adobe Digital Editions software. This may happen automatically, depending on your web browser.
  4. Enjoy! You can find your ebook in the Digital Editions folder on your computer and transfer it to your reader device with a USB cable.

To transfer this book to your reader device:

  1. Go to Library View in Adobe Digital Editions by clicking the icon of three books. You will find your ebook under the "All Items" bookshelf in the left-hand panel.
  2. Connect your device to your computer using the USB cable that came with your device.
  3. Drag and drop your ebook from the "All Items" bookshelf to your device.
  4. Disconnect the device from your computer.
    1. For more help please visit the Google Books Help Center or email Google Books Support.

      You can also browse for more ebooks.