Kathrina: Her Life and Mine, in a Poem

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C. Scribner & Company, 1867 - American poetry - 287 pages

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Page 11 - Fronting the sunrise and in beauty throned, "With jeweled homes around her lifted brow, "And coronal of ancient forest trees, "Northampton sits and rules her pleasant realm...
Page 1 - True sister of the Son of God : What marvel that she leads the van Of those who in the path he trod, Still bear the cross and wear the ban...
Page 12 - And thronged by lustant marvels. There in Spring I heard with joy the cheery blue-bird's note ; There sang rejoicing robins after rain ; And there within the emerald twilight, which Defied the mid-day sun, from bough to bough — A torch of downy flame — the oriole Passed to his nest, to feed the censer-fires Which Love had lit for Airs of Heaven to swing.
Page 69 - Toward wise conclusions. So, without resort To reason, in my heart I knew that she Who sang had suffered — knew that she had grieved, Had hungered, struggled, kissed the cheek of death, And ranged the scale of passions till her soul Was deep, and wide, and soft with sympathy ; — Nay, more than this : that she had found at last Peace like a river, on whose waveless tide She floated while she sang. This was the key That loosed my prisoned voice, and filled my eyes With tender tears, and touched...
Page 281 - TITCOMB'S NEW BOOK. KATHRINA, HER LIFE AND A MINE; in a Poem. One vol. I2mo. Price, $i 50; full gilt, $2 50. The aim of this poem is to illustrate the power of a true woman to ennoble and to elevate man; to reveal to him the true end of life, and to lead him to press after it with the same earnestness and determination which have marked his struggles to realize his dreams of ambition. Although mainly narrative in form, parts of the work are dramatic and lyrical, and, scattered through the poem, are...
Page 113 - But a round woman, who, with insight keen, Had wrought a scheme of life, and measured well Her womanhood ; had spread before her feet A fine philosophy to guide her steps ; Had won a faith to which her life was brought In strict adjustment — brain and heart meanwhile Working in conscious harmony and rhythm With the great scheme of God's great universe, On toward her being's end.
Page 249 - PART IV. CONSUMMATION. A GUEST was in my house — a guest unhid — Who stayed without a welcome from his host ; — So loathed and hated, on such errand bent, And armed with such resistless power of ill, I dared not look him in the face. I heard His tireless footsteps in the lonely halls, In the chill hours of night ; and, in the day, They climbed the stairs, or loitered through the rooms With lawless freedom.
Page 92 - Teachers are thousands, and the world is large. Artists are nearest God. Into their souls He breathes his life, and from their hands it comes In fair, articulate forms to bless the world; And yet, these forms may never bless the world Except its teachers take them in their hands, And give each man his portion.
Page 68 - I heard the sound of flutes, And hoarse, sonorous viols, in accord With happy human voices, — and one voice — A woman's or an angel's — that compelled My feet to swift approach. A thread of gold, Through all the web of sound, I followed it Till, by the stress of some strange sympathy, And by no act of will, I joined my voice To that one voice of melody, and sang. The heart is wiser than the intellect, And works with swifter hands and surer feet Toward wise conclusions.

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