Flora Medica: A Botanical Account of All the More Important Plants Used in Medicine, in Different Parts of the World

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Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1838 - Botany, Medical - 655 pages
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Page iii - Woodcuts, 18s. cloth. LINDLEY.-FLORA MEDICA; A Botanical Account of all the most important Plants used in Medicine, in different Parts of the World.
Page 370 - ... five- or seven-nerved, smooth and shining above, very hoary underneath, sometimes acuminate, sometimes obtuse ; from three to nine inches long, and from two to six inches broad ; in young plants frequently peltate. Petioles shorter than the leaves, round, downy, umbellets or...
Page 513 - The empyrenmatic oil is acrid and disagreeable to the taste, narcotic and poisonous. One drop applied to the tongue of a cat brought on convulsions, and in two minutes occasioned death. The Hottentots are said to kill snakes by putting a drop of it on their tongues. Under its influence, the reptiles die as instantaneously as if killed by an electric shock. It appears to act nearly in the same way as prussic acid.
Page 209 - Receptacle usually broader than the ovary, marked round with 8 nectariferous pores, bearing the petals and stamens at the base. Carpels 4, partly combined by means of the central axis into one 4-lobed ovary : ovules 6-12 (or rarely 2 collateral), in each cell. Styles 4, distinct at the base, where they spring from the inner angle of the carpels above the common axis, united upwards into a single pistil, which is attenuated towards the apex. Stigma 4-furrowed not thicker than the style. Capsules 4,...
Page 443 - Cinchonacece, and has the following characters : — Calyx with an ovate tube, and a permanent limb which is parted into 2-4 teeth ; corolla salver-shaped or funnelshaped, 4-lobed ; stamens 4, exserted or inclosed ; stigma bifid or undivided ; capsule crowned by the limb of the calyx, 2-celled, opening from the apex at the dissepiment when mature, but without any dissepiment ; coccce or nuts 1-seeded, opening by a longitudinal chink inside.
Page 31 - No. 22. jl. bras. i. 18. — D. brasiliana DC. syst. i. 405. Delessert ic. it 71. — Forests of Brazil. (Cipo de Carijo, Cambaibinha, Cipo de Caboclo Brazil.') Stem twining ; twigs hairy. Leaves oblong, remotely and obsoletely serrated, rough and hairless above, shaggy beneath on the principal veins. Petioles very shaggy beneath. Peduncles and pedicels hairy. Petals 2-3. Carpels usually solitary. — Astringent. A decoction used in Brazil in swellings of the legs and testicles, very common complaints...
Page 481 - SebestÚn Plums, Sebestans, or Sepistans, two sorts of Indian fruit, have been employed as pectoral medicines, for which their mucilaginous qualities, combined with some astringency, have recommended them. They are believed to have been the Persea of Dioscorides. Linnaeus has erroneously applied the name of SebestÚn to an American species of this genus which is not known in medicine. С'.
Page v - Few persons engaged in teaching Medical Botany have not experienced great inconvenience from the want of some work in which correct systematical descriptions of medicinal plants might be found, and cheap enough to be used as a class-book. The necessity that Students should have access to a botanical account of this nature became so urgent as to induce the appearance of the above volume.
Page 63 - and its yellow-juiced root and wood yield the extract called ras, rasaut, rasot, or raswat, used as an external application in ophthalmia. It is likewise considered an extremely valuable febrifuge. It is prepared by digesting in water sliced pieces of the root, stem, and branches in an iron vessel, boiling for some time, straining, and then evaporating to a proper consistence. It is principally manufactured at Nepal and the Doon ; sold at 8 annas the seer.
Page 299 - Cherris is supposed to be obtained from Hemp. The best of all cordage is manufactured from the tough woody tissue of the stems. Hemp seed is nutritious and not narcotic; it has the very singular property of changing the plumage of bullfinches and goldfinches from red and yellow to black if they are fed on it for too long a time or in too large a quantity.

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