Woman's Friendship: A Story of Domestic Life ...

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D. Appleton, 1852 - 357 pages

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Page 42 - ... former, and influences the permanent character much less. Under the magic of love a girl is generally in a feverish state of excitement, often in a wrong position, deeming herself the goddess, her lover the adorer; whereas it is her will that must bend to his, herself be abnegated for him. Friendship neither permits the former nor demands the latter. It influences silently, often unconsciously; perhaps its power is never known till years afterwards. A girl who stands alone, without acting or...
Page 97 - ... It is impossible ! trust me, she will give you cause to love her more fondly yet. Now go to rest, my own sweet sister. We shall both be happier for this night's pain, for we need no longer weep or smile alone." And he was right. They were happier. A new spirit pervaded Walter's duties and pursuits. A poet to be happy must have sympathy, intelligence, enthusiasm, which will reflect back, and encourage his own ; and in Florence, Walter realized all these things. Her exquisite taste, her intuitive...
Page 357 - The world scei but the surface of life ; it knows not what little things may influence and guide, and how much female friendship — in general so scorned and scoffed at — may be the invisible means of strengthening in virtue, comforting in sorrow, and, without once interfering with any nearer or dearer tie, may heighten inexpressibly the happiness and well-doing of each.
Page 360 - LANETON PARSONAGE. A Tale. 8 vols., 12mo., cloth, $2 25c. ; paper, $1 50c. . MARGARET PERCIVAL. 2 vols., cloth, $1 50 ; paper cover, $1. . WALTER LORIMER, and other Tales. 12mo., ffluB., 75c.
Page 19 - Misses Melford far more congenial companions to our young heroine than any she had yet met with, there was still something wanting ; the mystery of sympathy, that curious power which links us with kindred minds, which bids us feel long before the lights and shadows of character can be distinguished, that we have met with the rich blessing of a heart which can understand us, and on which our own may lean. A fashionable education, and, in the two elder, the...
Page 360 - ... ENGLISHMAN'S HEBREW AND CHALDEE CONCORDANCE of the OLD TESTAMENT ; being an attempt at a Verbal Connection between the Original and the English Translations : with Indexes, a List of the Proper Names and their occurrences, &c. 2 vols. royal 8vo. Z. 13s. 6d. cloth; large paper, \. Us. 6d. EOTVOS.-THE VILLAGE NOTARY : A Romance of Hungarian Life.
Page 360 - NATHALIE. A Tale. By Julia Kavanagh, author of ""Woman in France," "Madeleine," &c. 12mo., paper, 75c. ; cloth, $1. NORMAN LESLIE. A Tale. By GCH 12mo., cloth, T5c.
Page 144 - Let them lay me where grass and flowers may grow above me, Florence ; do not let them cover my grave with the cold flag-stones that mark the city tombs — 'tis an idle wish, yet it haunts me. I would rather that children's feet should press the turf, and tiny hands pluck the flowers, than stony walls surround me ; and let them stamp upon the head-stone simple words, no labored epitaph, only that I felt my father loved me, and so he called me to his throne.
Page 34 - Bravo, Florence !" exclaimed Alfred Melford, bounding through the open window, with a pink note in his hand ; "I never heard you sing so well ; what has inspired you ?" " Your absence, of course, and the absence of all critical listeners, but Ida and myself. What...
Page 145 - ... necessaries, and, exhausted and weary, never rode to her pupils, that she might save to purchase luxuries for him, he never knew. She often recalled Emily Melford's horror of exertion, and half smiled at the widely different meanings that word bore in their respective vocabularies : but a bitter feeling mingled with the smile at her own credulity in Emily's profession of interest and regard ; from the day she had sought her to the present moment, a full year, she had rested as silent and indifferent...

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